Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher FdSc MArborA


Richard is a Senior Arboriculturalist who joined Focus Ecology in 2018.  He holds a Foundation degree in Arboriculture and is a Professional member of the Arboricultural Association.  His experience includes five years as an inner London Tree Officer, dealing with all aspects of planning matters in relation to trees.  This included providing arboricultural advice to planning officers for a wide range of schemes, the provision of new Tree Preservation Orders and providing decisions for works to TPO and Conservation Area trees.

Richard has been an active member of the London Tree Officers Association and contributed to a working party report researching the delivery of tree services in London boroughs.  Prior to this he worked as a planning Tree Officer in Surrey, leading a review of over 130 Area TPOs over a three year period.  He also holds the LANTRA Professional Tree Inspection certificate.

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